As a division under Group Digital Strategy of Astra International, Academy and Technology has the task of building and enriching digital capabilities as well as instilling a digital way of working and innovation culture across the Astra Group. This is done through program and partnership development to deliver value to the group that is both agile and scalable.


Digital Capabilities Training

Aims to build core digital skills across levels through in-class training. The digital training is delivered for Astra employees in 3 to 6 days with a robust curriculum developed by Astra experts. The training focuses mainly on digital marketing, data analytics, and product management. Powered by a Learning Management System, the employees can get personalized and flexible learning and lifetime access to the materials.

Digital Capabilities Training

Customized/On Demand Digital Capabilities Training

Available to accommodate diverse needs of business units. Academy & Technology developed a curriculum tailored to specific business needs in core digital capabilities. The training is held exclusively to deliver a high output quality and satisfying experience.

Customized/On Demand Digital Capabilities Training

Expert Sharing

Provide inspiration, insights, and best practices to instill digital mindsets. Academy & Technology gives access to employees to immersive sessions with industry leaders, provides external notable speakers to learn use cases, and enables knowledge sharing among experts in Astra Group. The expert sharing covers various digital and technology topics, from digital talent to NFT.

Expert Sharing

Technology Benchmarking

To build technology literacy among employees, Academy & Technology provides immersive sessions with notable tech companies in the world. Academy & Technology also provides insights and trends about technology through research, holding office visits to encourage knowledge sharing with external parties, and workshops about emerging technology.

Technology Benchmarking

Academy & Technology Team

of Astra Digital


Paul Soegianto

Head of New Ventures

Paul got his bachelor's degree in Engineering from Universitas Indonesia, master's degree in Process Engineering & Material Science from Technische Universität, Hamburg, and another master's degree in Management from Northern Institute of Technology, Germany.

Paul has worked on five different continents and in more than 20 countries. He spent nine years at Airbus, 6.5 years in McKinsey serving more than 10 Fortune 500 global companies. He has worked in different industries including Telecommunications, IT and Engineering. In 2019 Paul joined Blue Bird as Chief Strategy Officer and in early 2022 he moved to Astra as Chief of Group Digital Strategy. Similar like his role in Blue Bird, he got the mandate to accelerate Astra’s digital transformation. He strengthens Astra’s digital investment and venture building arm, builds digital capabilities through Astra Digital Academy, as well as providing data intelligence and digital marketing services to the group.

Kania Kismadi

Head of Academy & Technology

Equipped with five years of experience at Astra, Kania is currently leading the Academy and Technology department of Group Digital Strategy at Astra as a department head. Prior to joining Astra, Kania has had 9+ years of experience in branding and digital marketing. Kania obtained her master’s degree in Business Management from Binus Business School and her bachelor’s degree in Marketing Communication from LSPR Communication and Business Institute.


Astra Digital Academy

Astra Digital Academy is Astra’s internal training program that focuses on building digital core capabilities through topics of data analytics, product development, and digital marketing. Astra Digital Academy has been conducted 11 times in the past with over 350 Astra Group’s employees trained to date.

1. Digital Training
Astra Digital Academy is Astra’s internal training program that focuses on building digital core capabilities. Academy & Technology had been trained more than 500 Astra employees to date.

2. Certification Program
Specialized training on digital qualification for Astra employees to get certification that is recognized by Astra Group. Through the certification program, Academy & Technology can set a standard of digital qualifications in Astra Group.

3. Bootcamp
Intensive 3-6 months of training for Data Scientists and Data Engineers. More than 100 Astra’s data scientists and engineers had been graduated through this program.

4. Masterclass
A quarterly seminar for senior leaders at Astra to cover strategic digital & innovation topics. Academy & Technology had been trained more than 200 Astra executives to date.

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