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What They said:
“IKEA started mini experimentation with Astra to understand customers traffic in offline store. We started the collaboration with Data Intelligence team on Data Analytics Project from discussing customer journey until testing insight on real business. The insight helps IKEA Team in store merchandising see transaction slightly in different way. We also implement right cross selling and add on recommendation on online transaction, increasing product viewing in several category and increasing ‘add to cart’ as well. So far, we’re seeing about 0.5% increase revenue in IKEA on the first year where business still learning to use the insight and apply to day-to-day business.

Astra has very enthusiastic talent, open to changes and try new things. Not afraid to fail. Also very engaging and supportive organizations. We hope and plan to expand our collaboration into other Dairy Farm’s companies. - Crystal Chan, IT Director for IKEA & Group Digital Dairy Farm Group on Paceters

PT Astra International Tbk - Daihatsu Sales Operation

What They said:
“So far, Daihatsu Customer Virtual Festivals have been supported by Natacara (Astra Digital). I greatly appreciate the totality of their services. - Tri Mulyono, Dept. Head of Marketing Planning & Sales Operation”

PT Astra International Tbk - Toyota Sales Operation

What They said:
“Natacara by Astra Digital were extremely helpful with their customer registration system and YouTube. Content creations.. Hopefully, this collaboration can continue. - Rio Tjahjoadi, Dept. Head of Sales Planning & Logistic”

PT Toyota Astra Financial Services

What They said:
“TAF collaborates with Natacara from Astra Digital, providing uswith full support, form consultation and event operations to their lucky draw feature. Thank you Natacara. - Abidin Riyadi, Division Head of IT & GA”

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