Astra Data Intelligence helps utilize the power of data and artificial intelligence to create new opportunities in constantly changing world to become customer first business, grow profit and efficiency enhance loyalty and growth.

Our approach is focused on business accelerations impact by blending strategic thinking, data science, technology, creativity and understanding customer behaviour that enable business to transform faster, innovate smarter and anticipating the future.

We are born and proven implementing cutting edge data solution in automotive, retail, infrastructure, operational, audit, people, property, agribusiness to heavy equipment, we have expanded our market reach. Started in Indonesia, and now we have reached Singapore, Taiwan, Hongkong and Macau. ​

Our Offerings

Best in class

Best in class people for building data capability while ensuring governance, explain-ability and ethical.

AI for Specific Industry

AI for Specific Industry supported by deep functional and domain expertise.

Plug and play modular data technology

Plug and play modular data technology that accelerates time to market and creating business impact.

Diverse Data Ecosystems of Alliance

Diverse Data Ecosystems of Alliance to connect business with larger data ecosystems.

Managed Services

Managed Services to support development, operationalization and maintain service level post deployment.

Core Values

Accelerating Productivity

Accelerating Productivity
Helping clients to increase productivity by providing automated process.

Accelerating Profitability

Accelerating Profitability
Helping clients to increase productivity by providing automated process.

Increasing Customer Experience

Increasing Customer Experience
Increase customer experience through helping business to provide customer centric and personalize approach.


Digital Transformation

(Data Strategy, Predictive API)

Digital transformation helps in generating new, wide opportunities of business transformation and growth. We support organizations in this digital transformation era on data analytics that enables technology and process to meet business expectations as world evolves. We believe by providing Data Strategy and Predictive API, we can help to manage, analyze, and act upon business data and making the use of technology advancement.

Digital Transformation

Customer Centric Approach

(Customer Research, Segmentation, Digital Barista, A/B Testing)

Customer centricity and personalization of providing right offer, right micro segment, right time within specific customer lifecycle stages is the key success factor of business acceleration. Expand analysis result through experimentation and gather voice of customers are the way to achieve personalization. We are providing more detail and focus on customer experiences in any touchpoint to drive profit and competitive advantages.

Customer Centric Approach

Growth, Marketing and Sales

(Market Monitoring, Sales Planning Tools, B2B Sales Navigator)

As the world constantly evolving with the development of technology, trends, and change of behaviour, we believe that to stay relevant is one of key success for business. Astra Data Intelligence provides deep Customer behavioral insight to expand business, improve margins and optimize operations by using automated monitoring of new trends, opportunities, customers and competitor dashboard, creating strategy for sales team to achieve business goals based on internal & external data, and automated B2B Customer Acquisition and Approach.

Growth, Marketing and Sales


(Customer Prediction, Aggregate Prediction, Performance Dashboard)

We help organizations to create long-term stakeholder value through the implementation of business strategy such as Customer prediction, aggregate prediction and Performance dashboard that fosters company longevity by identify a customer lifetime value, manage the key activities and processes needed to achieve business goals.


Data Intelligence Team

of Astra Digital

Febriandi Rahmatulloh

Head of Data Intelligence

Help organizations to accelerate data driven innovation with 18 years of experience on Marketing Data & Strategy in Austria, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia.

I Wayan Wisnu A.

Head of Data Analytics

Uses data to improve organization’ performance with 13 years of experience on implementing Data Science to business across USA, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. 

Yosafat Adi P.

Head of Data Governance and Enablement

Help organizations to govern and ensure utilization of data with 11 years of experience on Data Analytics and Governance in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Julian Trifany A.T.

Head of Data Management

Accelerate data driven business by prepare and validate data with 8 years of experience on implementing Data Engineering, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Southeast Asia.

M. Ivan Budiman

Head of Data Strategy, Planning, and Partnership

Experienced Consumer Insights and Market Intelligence with demonstrated 14 years experiences of working in the Financial Services, Market Research Consultant and Retail Industry within Southeast Asia.​


Here are portofolios we’ve worked on:

Multi Cloud Data Management Enablement
Managing customers data across regions, as well as using multi cloud Azure & Google for implementation on retail use cases.

Customer Level External Data Enrichment
Enrich existing customers information using external features for better understanding and suitable approach based on customers persona.

Retail, Stock & Price Analytics
Building tools to mitigate out-of-stocks and predict the most suitable discount to be applied on items based on the historical discount performance.

Operationalization & Managed Services
Automated data updates and provide support for any issue regarding dashboard visualization & updates.

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